Global A Go-Go: 20240710

Jul 10, 2024: 3am - 5am
Standing Wave Radio and 1620-AM at Wave Farm

Hosted by Bill Lupoletti.

"Global A Go-Go" is hosted by Bill Lupoletti and originally broadcast on WRIR in Richmond, Virginia.

Lupoletti describes "Global A Go-Go" as "music from around the world in the universal language of groove." He writes that "In short, you could call it a world music program that emphasizes the danceable over the folkloric. "Global A Go-Go" is all about decolonizing your ears. My goal with this program is to expand your listening horizon: I want more people to listen to more music from outside their own country, language, culture and comfort zone. You'll hear plenty of newly released music on "Global A Go-Go," but I also feature classic and historic recordings on virtually every program. I play music from all continents (OK, not Antarctica) -- if I tallied everything Africa would certainly come in #1 and South America would probably be #2. And I do play music from the USA when it fits the context."

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