Live from The Avalon Lounge: AmeliaMoon, Jandreau, BLACKOUt

Jul 24, 2021: 8:30 pm - Jul 25, 2021: 2am

From a live webstream at The Avalon Lounge.

If you were dancing away the existential angst of your strange extraterrestrial future in a dark, smoky club orbiting Titan, AmeliaMoon would be playing. If you were being chased by space vampires through carbon dioxide snow on some nameless frozen world far from Earth, AmeliaMoon would be the soundtrack of your last moments. Based in Kingston, NY, AmeliaMoon began recording and performing experimental noise music in 2013, before wedding their love of deep sonic textures and bleakly alien future-industrial soundscapes with the driving dance beats and emotional directness of eighties postpunk and new wave. Their most recent album, How It Ends, tells a very human story of love and alienation in a world that churns on and on with no regard for those caught in its gears.

Jandreau is an electro-industrial project created by Robbie Jandreau in 2008. He has been actively releasing albums since 2015. With themes touching on mental health, the occult and mythology; Jandreau produces a harsh and dark sound with heavy beats and lush synths. His most recent release “Atë” is a collection of instrumental tracks that focus on a fall from grace. Jandreau is actively looking to collaborate with lyricists and vocalists to complete the “Atë”project with a follow up album “Nemesis”. His full discography can be found on bandcamp.

BLACKOUt is Chad Dziewior, host of the Hudson Valley's premier monthly dark dance party. Post Punk, Goth, Synth, EBM, Industrial, New Wave, and more.

Live performances from The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, New York. Usually DJs perform, often with live band performances, and other experiments. See for more information.