Live from World Listening Project: World Listening Day 2021, The Unquiet Earth

Jul 17, 2021 - Jul 18, 2021

The World Listening Day 25-hour live stream (July 17, 8 p.m. - July 18, 9 p.m. EDT) is a community reflection and celebration of sound, creativity and listening on July, 18 (UTC), a date chosen to honor one of the early thought leaders in acoustic ecology, music and sound studies, Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. Among the self-organized and initiated personal celebrations, and local live and public events taking place around the world, the World Listening Project has curated a 25-hour online audio and video broadcast from contributions received in response to its open call, reflecting this year's theme, "The Unquiet Earth."

Each year a theme is created by someone with a deep connection to the act of listening. Lisbon-based filmmaker, curator and researcher, Raquel Castro, created the theme for 2021. “The Unquiet Earth” is an invitation to reflect on and engage with the constant murmur of the Earth, sounds beyond the threshold of human hearing, to remind ourselves that we share this mysterious and awesome planet. Castro shares that, “Small, hidden, subterranean, aerial, underwater, infra and ultrasonic sounds, inaudible to the naked ear, can bring a new, potentially hopeful, perspective on the future of the planet and humanity. Listening as activism encourages us to question our attitudes as listeners as we aim to construct a more inclusive and empathetic new world. Join the unquiet revolution!”

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Credits, Coordinating Committee: Raquel Castro, Peter Courtemanche, Johann Diedrick, Jez riley French, Amanda Gutierrez, Dan Godston, Deirdre Harrison, Eric Leonardson, Gurkan Mihci, Gustavo Matamoros, Eve Payor, Fausto Rodriguez, Grant Smith. World Listening Day 2021: The Unquiet Earth is presented in partnership with Wave Farm and the Wave Farm Transmit Partner program.

Technical Committee: Peter Courtemanche, Johann Diedrick, Eric Leonardson