Richard Teitelbaum

Richard Teitelbaum received his Masters of Music from Yale University in 1964, and was then awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study with Luigi Nono and Goffredo Petrassi in Italy. Teitelbaum returned to Italy in 1966 where he co-founded the legendary Musica Electronica Viva group with Frederic Rzewski and Alvin Curran. Teitelbaum is recognized internationally for his live electronic performances and his work with interactive computer systems. His music and performances appear on over a dozen releases on Cantaur, Hat Hut, and other labels, broadcast and performed throughout Japan, Europe, and the United States. His opera Golem was performed at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria in 1991. Teitelbaum teaches electronic music at Bard and Vassar College in New York.