Radio EE

Radio Espacio Estacion, or is a collaborative project of Agustina Woodgate, Stephanie Sherman, and Hernan Woodgate founded in 2011. is an itinerant, multilingual, online radio project, often broadcasting over the airwaves local to their project and on other partner stations, as well as streaming online. Their projects are 24-hour broadcasting events, sometimes held over multiple days, usually hosted in moving vehicles, such as self-driving cars, boats, bikes, or trucks in keeping with their themes of movement, migration, and climate change. Taking place internationally, the broadcasts take place in multiple languages at once, encouraging language learning and integration. Each event draws not only listenership from its locality, but includes the voices, expertise, and creativity of local people, including music, interviews, storytelling, dialogue, field recordings, and experiments with sound, and bringing that culture to a global listening audience. broadcasts in partnership with museums and other art spaces, public festivals, academic conferences, and rural outposts several times a year.