Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert

Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert are a married couple whose collaborative artworks not only blur the lines between life and art but sometimes completely remove them. Performances include Blow-Out Odyssey (2010), a 2-hour improvised domestic argument that traveled throughout the Financial District of San Francisco to the offices of corporations dependent on oil for a significant portion of their revenues; Bait (2000), in which the artists offered naming rights to their unborn child for auction on eBay (there were no takers); and Death and Taxes (2006-2007), in which the couple made their household into a legal corporation, clocking in and out of their home and handing over responsibility and oversight of their household budget to an independent board. The couple also creates print, video, net-art and radio art exploring themes of communication and displacement of anxiety about larger social concerns to petty arguments and scandals, both public and private. In collaboration with Neighborhood Public Radio, an organization that sets up small-scale radio broadcasts in galleries and museums to broadcast radio art and host transmitter-building workshops, Reichert and Fletcher have held two radio broadcasts, An Interview with Robert Barry (2000) and All Animals are Equal (2004).