Mobile 49

Max Goldfarb
Max Goldfarb's Mobile 49, at the Hudson Flag Day Parade.

Max Goldfarb's Mobile 49, at the Hudson Flag Day Parade.. (Jun 12, 2010)

Mobile 49 (2010/2015)
Deep Cycle (2010)
Regenerator (2015)

Mobile 49 (M49) is an experimental research/production facility, which served as a central component in Max Goldfarb's body of work in the early 2000s.

The Deep Cycle project, was an area-responsive mobile radio program, originating in Hudson, NY, proceeding through a set of designated locations for performance and incidents, and arriving at Wave Farm. The Deep Cycle publication documents the June 2010 procession and features contributions from Goldfarb's collaborating artists, writers, designers and theorists, that address the subject of a post-oil landscape: consumption, waste, transit, energy, transformation, and disaster.

Regenerator, describes M49 installed at Wave Farm. The vehicle houses a site-specific AM radio station, Wave Farm Radio 1620-AM, and is open to public visitors, both as an performance artifact and as an active studio environment.