Radio Action II (AD020)

Various Artists
Radio Action II (AD020) Cover

Radio Action II (AD020) Cover. Takeshi Murata

free103point9's second annual invitational collection of radio sound works from various artists. CD release was held Friday 09.24.04 at free103point9 Gallery.

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Radio Ruido + Loula Nasaroff, "Bukhara"
Turntables/tactics/translations by Radio Ruido and Loula Nasaroff.

Keith Obadike, "SEMACHINES III (buttplug)"
Sexmachines is a sonic triptych by Keith Obadike for Nam June Paik and James Brown. Each module is created from the sounds of one sextoy.

Matt Bua, "Fight Song (Take Back 1560-AM)
The Dust Dive, "Postcards of Real Worlds"
The Dust Dive: Laura Ortman: acoustic/electric piano violin. Ken Switzer: vocals. Bryan Zimmerman: vocals.
Sounds sampled from a Collins 51J-2 Ham radio (circa 1952), operated by John Zimmerman, Olathe, Kansas. Recorded by Reuben Cox and Jen Williams at The Dust Dive, Brooklyn, Feb. 2004.

Sabers, "Bene Gesserit"
Charlie Hines: Guitar/radio signal manipulation. Jeff Conaway: Feedback/radio signal manipulation, rhythmic loop sample (layered/spliced radio tunings). Recorded live, March 2004, by Drew St. Ivany. Mixed by Mark Wyman. Click on the audio sample to the left to hear an mp3 of "Bene Gesserit."
Marcel Blum, "Tuning Forks"
Broken receiver with 8-track tape recorder, 8-track tape loops, turntable, computer.

Tom Roe, "Pattern Recognition"
Radios, walkie-talkies, turntables, prepared CDs, and Digital Performer.

Joshua Fried, "They Call Him..." (excerpt)
From Welcome to the Ice Box (1997). All instruments Joshua Fried. Commissioned by Danish Radio + Sound/Gallery Copenhagen.
“They call him...” is structured as a passacaglia or set of variations of increasing density. All the rhythmic and tonal material is derived from analysis of a snippet of Adolf Hitler’s 1939 declaration of war at the Reichstag. The piece is a collision of three temporal frames of reference:
1 PATTERN: The exact rhythmic placement of the 29 syllables of Hitler’s 7.2 second speech as he spoke it, revealed finally near the end. The speech was analyzed syllable by syllable down to 1/44,100 of a second and therefore the precise rhythmic content would be impossible to convey in normal Western notation. (Each syllable was then processed by convolution with white noise and finally all were recombined in their original relationships, to be woven into the arrangement of the piece.)
2 TEMPO: The 11-beat shuffle groove (91.57 BPM)—also 7.2 seconds, to synchronize with Hitler—and corresponding subdivisions of eighth, triplet, sixteenth, etc.
3 ACCELERANDO: The 4/4 Nixon/Oswald vocal line, always changing by means of time-expansion and compression, thus always in new relationship with the 7.2 sec grid.
“They call him...” is framed by an introduction and coda based on familiar samples; iconic and recognizable, these are images which, in the words of the artist David Salle, “understand us.” Lee Harvey Oswald: “Awwww.....!��� Ike Pappas, ABC News: “Oswald has been shot.” Richard Nixon: “Well, I’m not a crook.” Adolf Hitler: “Meine Friedensliebe und meine endlose Langmut soll man nicht mit Schwœche oder gar mit Feigheit verwechseln!” “Do not mistake my peace-loving and my endless patience for weakness or even cowardice.”

Matt Mikas, "As Oracles Across Frequencies"
A sampled-based journey through radio space using vinyl recordings as a guide. Through the psychological architecture of repitition and cut-up techniques, an attempt at the divination of social zeitgeist is presented in strange musical form.

31 Down, "Allison, Morgue"
From 'As I Lay Inebriated, Act 1: Scream Contest' Allison played by Jennifer Groch, Mike Sharpie played by Ryan Holsopple. Music: Matt Bassett (drums), Andrew Piper (bass), Matt Bua (effects), Ryan Holsopple (script and effects). Recorded live at free103point9's "Radio Plays" show 11.08.03 at OfficeOps.

Hepatitis Youth, "Dead Air, Dead City"
Hepatitis Youth recorded Jan. 1, 2004 at BLD in Columbus, OH. Brandon Poplin [drums + glass], Carlos Gonzalez [guitar + sugar], Ian Lynne [guitar + tie pin microphone], Cindy Pageler [bass + battery], Mark van Fleet [1 drum + Dana Carvey], Aaron Hibbs [1drum + beard], Greg-the-Damager [1drum + ankle breaking], Joyce Santiago [metal objects + goatmeat], Paco [guitar + car parts], Arnold Tower [guitar + shit bucket], Ort A. [drill + milk], Shemika Cladbourne [tapes], and random old lady [complaints].

Mammal, "Club Detroit (Mutilator Mix)"
Recorded/mixed live, late 2003 at Troll Bridge, Hamtramck, Michigan. Main signal source 97.9-FM Detroit. Mammal: P.O. Box 2191, Dearborn, MI 48123 USA
Ben Owen, "030204.6"
Recorded by Ben Owen with 99.9-FM transmitter, mixer, portable FM radio, electrophonic stereo music center: improvisation using feedback generated from a FM transmitter that is transmitting and recieving its own signal.
Christof Migone
"first & last (00:01)" (00:15)
"first & last (00:00.01)" (00:50)
The first track used as sole source material the first and last second of every piece on this compilation. The second used the first and last hundredths of a second of every piece plus the silence in-between each piece.

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