Wave Guide Textbook (AD028)

Various Authors

Welcome to free103point9’s Wave Guide, a collection of essays, interviews, and reference materials designed as the core-curriculum texts for free103point9’s education initiative Radio Lab. Radio Lab workshops explore transmission as a creative medium, how transmitters work, and the history of broadcasting.

Wave Guide texts are made available as PDFs under the "Text" section above.

Table of Contents:

Introduction & Index

Chapter I. The History of Broadcasting / Understanding Regulation Policy
The Cartoon Guide to Spectrum Policy, New America Foundation
United States Early Radio History (excerpts), Thomas H. White
An Explanation of the Citizen’s Guide to the Airwaves (excerpts), J.H. Snider
An Interview with Edward Miller, Sarah Lippek

Chapter II. How Transmitters Work
How Stuff Works: Radio (excerpts), Marshall Brain
Microcasting Basics, Tom Roe

Chapter III. Transmission as a Creative Medium
Transmission Works: Selections Towards Identifying a History, Galen Joseph-Hunter
Regenerative Feedback in the Medium of Radio: Study 1.0 (FM) for Radio Transceiver, Matthew Burtner
Tune(In))) Radio Community in Microcosm, Matt Mikas
Transmission II: Airborne
free103point9 Transmission Artists
An Interview with Gregory Whitehead, Allie Alvarado

Chapter IV. Resources
Glossary & Recommended Reading