Andrea-Jane Cornell

Andrea-Jane Cornell is a Montréal-based improviser whose practice focuses on field recording, live performance, radio art and the essential act of listening. She is currently investigating methods of employing radio broadcast systems to manipulate and amplify sounds during live transmission-performances, a practice developed during her time as music programming director at Montréal's CKUT-FM. Her live performance and installation work has been presented at Htmlles Festival (Montréal), Signal and Noise Festival (Vancouver), Das Klein Field Recording Festival (Montréal), NSCAD (Halifax, Nova Scotia), and Modern Fuel Vapors Series (Kingston, Ontario). Her radiophonic recordings have been featured on releases by New Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto), JeL Association's Radiophonic Creation Day 2009 (Paris), Kunstradio (Vienna), Bauhaus Radio (Weimar?). Works with frequent collaborator Emilie Mouchous have been featured as part of the BEAM Festival (London), Falmouth Festival (England) and Chicago-based experimental radio broadcast platform Radius.