Kristen Roos

Kristen Roos Portrait Image

Kristen Roos Portrait Image. Radio Revolten performance image, courtesy the artist. (Mar 31, 2017)

Kristen Roos’s work explores a fascination with the outside–what lies beyond standard perception, cognition and experience. This fascination has informed a body of work with transmission, audible and inaudible frequencies, electromagnetism and tactile vibration. Roos has created site-specific installations, sound design for dance, and performance internationally including at RadioRevolten 2016 (Halle), ISEA 2015, Radius (Chicago), Studio Loos (the Hague), velak (Vienna) interpenetration (Graz), noise=noise (UK) The Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver), Nuit Blanche & NAISA (Toronto), Skol & Articule (Montreal), Sound Symposium & Eastern Edge Gallery (Newfoundland), La Chambre Blanche & Le Lieu (Quebec City). His writing on sound and radio art appears in the Radius GRIDS booklet published by Half Letter Press (Chicago 2015), the Errant Bodies publication Radio Territories (Berlin, 2007) and the New Star Books publication Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada (Vancouver, 2010).