Kristen Roos Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence (Video)

Sep 03, 2017

The Wave Farm Residency Program is pleased to welcome Kristen Roos (Vancouver, British Columbia). His "anti-wave" project examines the silent electromagnetic transmissions that are ubiquitous today (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phone tower emissions). Roos receives these inaudible frequencies with devices that recognize them not as information (conversations, emails, streaming), but as something similar to the unwanted sounds that were heard in early radio reception (static, whistles, sferics). In receiving and translating these frequencies into audible sounds, Roos is interested in the process of dissecting the wireless devices that embody our lives, and exposing the relationships between people and the objects that inhabit their daily rituals. At Wave Farm, Roos will experiment with products that have recently been developed to provide shielding from electromagnetic frequencies. Using the catalogue of a local business that specializes in EMF protection, Roos will acquire a variety of “Anti-Wave” products, to create a costume of sorts, which will be incorporated into a new performance work and electromagnetic soundwalk.