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Radiophrenia Redux: Nika Son and Stevie Jones

Sep 20, 2021: 3pm - 4pm
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Produced by Radiophrenia.

This monthly program features highlights and commissions from Glasgow art radio station Radiophrenia. Presented in today's episode is I NO YOU – A piece of walk by Nika Son and To The Person Who Drew You This by Stevie Jones.

wander in square waves | from my thought i’m at my shoes and from my step i’m on the ground, the surface of matter | asphalt | a moving bicycle chain spinning sound into my right ear | my notions roam again | i deliberately step aside | grass | a crumpled piece of foil | it resonates | bits of voices carrying information | i know that street | do i? | it used to sound different | treading on some pebble stones, chrunching them | the underground is empty | sleeping | not sleeping | noises appear loader this year | aiming for a rhythm | step by step | getting lost | not marching but walking along lines | more lines | trying to avoid them | a puddle’s echo | my feet shuffle in quad | repeating the same trot | is it a rumble or a murmur behind that pole | trying to unlearn what i hear and see | wind purrs | a crow just shat on me | i remember | traipse is a word i didn’t know | meander

“…thinking is generally thought of as doing nothing in a production-oriented culture, and doing nothing is hard to do. It’s best done by disguising it as doing something, and the something closest to doing nothing is walking.” [Rebecca Solnit in Wanderlust]

Commissioned for Radiophrenia 2020 with the support of Creative Scotland. http://www.nikason.de

To The Person Who Drew You This is a ‘radio play without text,’ subverting hierarchies in the production of theatre and examining sound as a sole vehicle for generating narratives and commentaries. The title refers to creative work and communality as necessarily bound together and considers the acts of reciprocity in the listener / narrator relationship.

Presented on an annual basis, Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts. Broadcasting live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, the station promoted radio as an art form, encouraging challenging and radical new approaches to the medium. Each year, the broadcast schedule includes a series of newly commissioned radio works, live shows, pre-recorded features and 12 Live-to-Air performances. The majority of the program is made up from selections submitted to an international open call for sound art and radio works. Radiophrenia is managed by Mark Vernon and Barry Burns and is funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding with additional support from CCA Glasgow.