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Trance-Formational Listening: Miles From India

Feb 13, 2020: 11am - 11:59 am
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Hosted by Dennis Darrah.

A tribute to the music of Miles Davis from the Indian musical traditions along with giants of the Jazz tradition: Kala Ramnath violin, Badal Roy tablas, Selva Ganesh kanjira, U. Srinivas electric mandolin, Ron Carter Bass, Chick Corea keyboards, John McLaughlin electric guitar, Gary Bartz sax, Rakesh Chaurasia bamboo flute, Dave Liebman sax and flute, Wallace Roney trumpet, Michael Henderson bass, Pete Cosey electric guitar and many, many others. Music from around the world is featured. Bringing the audience into the realm of other cultures through music, hopefully expanding empathy for the “other,” and recognizing that “other” in ourselves.