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Greenville may consider zoning change

Jan 09, 2018 2:45 pm
Audrey Matott reports in The Greenville Pioneer that the Greenville Town Board is reconsidering expanding commercial zoning along State Route 32 after business owner Sandy Garden met with the board December 18. Garden told the board he is 66-years-old and wants to retire and sell his generator business. But Garden feels the lack of a commercial zoning designation makes that difficult. Now, a proposed solar farm next to his business may make a zoning change more palatable to the board, who turned down a similar request in 2015. "There were quite a few people who had the opposite view that you do Sandy and they bought there because it wasn‘t commercial," said councilman Greg Davis. "What I am saying is that there is going to be people who are just as upset that you are that it‘s not residential, if it‘s changed to commercial." Greenville would hold a public hearing before voting on any changes to the zoning law. Read the full story in The Greenville Pioneer.