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State Senate, Assembly act to repeal Cuomo orders

Apr 29, 2021 5:30 am

Edward McKinley is reporting for the Times Union the state Senate and Assembly on April 28, adopted resolutions to repeal three executive orders issued by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo under his COVID-19 emergency powers, marking lawmakers' first formal reprimand of the governor's pandemic directives. The first requirement was for food to be served with alcoholic drinks, which started the trend of "Cuomo chips" where bars and restaurants would sell small, inexpensive snacks along with drinks, to comply with the order. The second order rescinded a waiver allowing volunteers working on the state's pandemic response to avoid conflict-disclosure rules, and the last was for now outdated restrictions on the vaccination rollout that no longer apply. A legislative source told the Times Union that repeals of other executive orders and directives are under discussion, including removing the curfew on bars and restaurants and the so-called "Footloose Law" that bans dancing at those establishments. The governor announced on Twitter that the curfew for bars and restaurants would be lifted in May, but lawmakers are looking to act sooner. The governor also has proposed loosening rules for weddings and catered events on May 3. "Imagine being a bride told you cannot dance with your family and friends if you’re getting married this weekend, but beginning Monday, May 3, you could do so," said state Sen. Daphne Jordan. "The governor’s logic makes absolutely no sense, and these ridiculous restrictions on weddings should be lifted immediately." The governor's Senior Advisor Rich Azzopardi framed the lawmakers' actions as part of a collaborative effort. “With the numbers steadily decreasing, lifting this COVID-related restriction was something we were in the process of implementing in the coming days," Azzopardi said. "We are pleased that the Legislature agrees that we have made enough progress on COVID that New York is in a position to repeal this provision." Read the full story in the Times Union.