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Radio News: FCC to allow easier antenna design

May 17, 2022 11:33 pm

Radio World reports that at its May 19 meeting the Federal Communications Commission is set to allow FM broadcasters to use computer modeling software for their directional antennas. Currently, FM radio stations using directional antennas must provide physical measurements to verify their directional pattern. So stations, or more often antenna manufacturers have to build a full-size mockup of the antenna or a scale model, which is very expensive. WGXC, for instance, needs a directional antenna for a signal that is sandwiched between the Christian station WPGL north of Schenectady, and New York City's WFUV, and hemmed in by the Catskill and Berkshire mountains. But technology has improved since WGXC first went on the air in 2011, and after this proposal is approved stations can instead submit computer-generated proofs of FM directional antenna patterns instead of the more expensive models. FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said that this draft order would, “decrease regulatory costs and bring our FM regulations in line with other broadcast services.” Read more about this story at Radio World.