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Bliss Towers meeting

Apr 12, 2010 6:54 am
The first line of Jamie Larson's story in the Register-Star about the Bliss Towers renovations never gets proven: "Residents and city officials agree: Hudson’s 30 year old, 11 story, 132 unit low-income housing high-rise built during the height of the Urban Renewal program in the 1970s, is obsolete." Larson never produces one person to verify that statement. Who are these people that agree? In Hudson? Who says it is obsolete? Why not ask someone who lives there? Then Larson says, "On Tuesday, Omni Housing Development will hold an informational planning discussion with local officials and developers to discuss what they hope will be a more socially and environmentally responsible low-income housing system to replace the aging tower." The story never says where the meeting is, or what time it is on Tuesday.

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