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Police warn of 'Yes' scam

Feb 17, 2017 7:15 am

Rosa Acheson is reporting in The Daily Mail earlier this week New York State Police warned Hudson Valley residents about the "Yes" telephone scam. State police are advising people to immediately hang up the telephone if they receive a call from an unfamiliar voice asking, "can you hear me," or any other question that would provoke a "yes" response. The response is recorded by the caller and used to place unauthorized charges on the call recipient's credit card accounts. The swindle has been reported in other states, and recently reported in Pine Plans. “If people receive the phone call, we encourage them to contact the Federal Trade Commission,” Trooper Melissa McMorris, said. “They are tracking it.” The Federal Trade Commission advises call recipients to hang up immediately on any unwanted calls, even if they are unsure of the caller’s intentions. Avoid engaging with unwanted callers in any way, the spokeswoman said. The FTC New York office can be reached at (212) 607-2829. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.