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A divided response to oil trains in Albany

Jun 03, 2015 12:03 am
Scott Waldman is reporting at Capital New York Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan of and Albany County executive Dan McCoy said they were working together on a major plan that would address the effects that transportation of billions of gallons of crude by train have had on the region. Instead, they released opposing reports within 24 hours of each other. In its report the city largely supported the Cuomo administration's response to the recent proliferation of oil trains. The city report repeatedly thanked the administration for its current efforts, called on federal officials to do more and suggested oil train operators pay for more community initiatives such as sound barriers and public gardens. In its report, the county essentially called on the governor to halt more oil trains, and to aggressively study the potential environmental effects of a crude heating facility at the Port of Albany. Under the Cuomo administration, Albany has been transformed into a major route for oil trains, with state approval to ship 2.8 billion gallons through the port. Much of that oil is then offloaded at the port and shipped down the Hudson by ship or barge. Read the full story at Capital New York.