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Hochul to decide on non-compete agreements

Nov 21, 2023 12:43 am

Kate Lisa reports in New York State of Politics that Gov. Kathy Hochul has many bills on her desk waiting to become laws if she signs them before the end of the year. One bill she could sign or veto would ban noncompete agreements. The bill would no longer restrict where a person can work after their employment ends. Assemblyperson LaToya Joyner said, "People should be able to go out and seek the best economic opportunity that's best for them.... They should be able to seek better wages, job mobility, change of careers [and] many have signed these agreements unknowingly." But business leaders, such as Paul Zuber, the Business Council of New York State's executive vice president, said, "We believe that it will have a very negative impact on the New York state economy, and that's our concern." The New York Business Council's nonprofit arm has spent $1 million urging Hochul to veto the legislation. Currently, California, Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Oklahoma have banned non-compete agreements. Read more about this story in New York State of Politics.