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League of Women Voters sues to consolidate New York elections

May 19, 2022 12:56 pm

Nick Reisman reports in New York State of Politics that the League of Women Voters sued May 19 to combine the state's primary elections that are currently scheduled weeks apart. Currently, there will be State Assembly and statewide primaries on June 28 and primary elections for the state Senate and congressional races on Aug. 23. That could cost taxpayers as much as $30 million for each election. The lawsuit seeks to have all voting on Aug. 23. “The State Board of Elections, apparently with the support of the leaders of both major political parties, put in place a deliberately exclusionary electoral regime for statewide offices designed to limit further competition in the primary and from independent candidates in the general election," said Laura Ladd Bierman, the executive director of the League of Women Voters. "Our suit requests the Court to order the postponement of the statewide primary from June 28 to August 23, 2022 – the same date as State Senate and Congressional primaries -- and extend the deadline for gathering signatures for both the party primaries and independent candidates seeking to qualify for the general election.” A judge ruled the initial new district maps for Congressional and state Senate seats were gerrymandered, and a court-appointed special master drew new maps, but the delay meant those elections could not happen in time for June 28. Read more about this story in New York State of Politics.