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Cuomo changes his own story

Apr 19, 2018 11:33 am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made a series of baffling statements in the past week. On April 18 he said, "I proposed a piece of legislation... this past year that said parolees should have the right to vote. The Republican Senate voted down that piece of legislation." There is no record of any such legislation or any vote, but Cuomo's office says he pushed for it in budget negotiations the past two years. On April 17 Cuomo said he was "raised by poor immigrants," even though both his parents were born in New York City. Also on April 17 Cuomo said, "I'm a middle class guy, that's who I am." Cuomo owns more than triple what his own Department of Health says is a median income in New York, and the governor made more than $700,000 on a book deal. And last week Cuomo said he is "an undocumented person." Cuomo is not, he is an American citizen.