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Buffalo Republican backs banning assault weapons and body armor

May 30, 2022 12:34 pm

Ryan Whelan reports for New York State of Politics about one Republican New York Congressperson willing to say this week that he would vote for an assault weapons ban. "I want to be completely transparent of where I am in Congress," said Rep. Chris Jacobs, a Republican based near Buffalo, where an 18-year-old recently murdered ten people at a grocery store. "If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it." After reading that quote, play this brief clip of Jacobs. Jacobs said he is also working on a bill to ban body armor for civilians. Jacobs also supports raising the age to purchase an AR-15 style rifle from 18 to 21. Asked if he’s worried, as a Republican, about taking positions to reduce gun violence as he runs for election in the redrawn rural NY-23 district, Jacobs said “yes.” Read more about this story at New York State of Politics.