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Radio News: Democrats may bring net neutrality to a vote

Jan 04, 2018 10:50 pm
Karl Bode at TechDirt reports that there will certainly be legal challenges once the Republicans at the Federal Communications Commission publish their order rolling back net neutrality. But Democrats in Congress might also try to force a vote on legislation returning the even-playing-field internet rules. In the Senate, they just need one more Republican to vote with them, as Maine Republican Susan Collins has already voiced her displeasure with the FCC's Dec. 14 vote to end net neutrality rules. Then in the House, they need to find about 20 Republicans in swing districts willing to buck their party. In the Hudson Valley in New York, Rep. John Faso is in a swing district, and his seat in the November election is very much in play. He was one of three New York Republicans to vote against the repeal of internet privacy rules earlier this year. So far, he hasn't directly said how he would vote, but expressed some skepticism about rolling back net neutrality rules, talking by phone to constituents in December. Whether Republicans such as Faso actually join them to vote to restore net neutrality rules, the Democrats are also trying to get Republicans on the record about whether they prefer fast lanes for internet users who pay more, or a system like telephones, where everyone has the same access. Of course, Republicans, in the majority, may block any bill from getting to a floor vote. But under the Congressional Review Act, Democrats just need 30 senators to force a vote on the issue, and right now they have 29.