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COVID-19 disrupts recycling pick-up in Hudson

Nov 18, 2021 12:08 am

COVID-19 is roaring back locally, with Columbia County schools reporting COVID-19 cases have nearly tripled since Oct. 1. The number of active coronavirus cases in Ulster County jumped 118 percent since Nov. 4 and in Dutchess County, case counts are up 62 percent since Nov. 1. Now Sam Raudins reports for Columbia-Greene Media that the Public Works Department in Hudson canceled the Nov. 18 collection because of coronavirus. A staffing shortage because six of 16 department employees tested positive for the coronavirus Nov. 15 means no recycling pickup in Hudson until the day after Thanksgiving. “Recycling doesn’t go bad,” Superintendent of Public Works Rob Perry said. “If they hold onto it for a week, it’s not a public health issue.” Perry has not said yet if garbage collection will be disrupted next week. “I’m cautious about garbage pick-up Monday and Tuesday,” Perry said. While there are fewer employees available because of COVID, there has been more recycling in Hudson since the pandemic began. The city used to collect between six and seven tons of recycling per week, but now it us up to 11 to 12 tons since March 2020. Perry guesses that is because of new residents, and many more delivery packages. Read more about this story at HudsonValley360.com.