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Faso unveils plan to reduce local taxes

Apr 14, 2016 7:00 am

John Mason is reporting in the Register-Star Republican Congressional candidate John Faso has unveiled his plan to reduce local property taxes. Twenty-six percent of taxes collected in Columbia County and 41 percent of Greene County's taxes go to support Medicaid, the health care program for those earning a low income and with limited resources. Faso said, if elected to represent the 19th Congressional District, he would push federal legislation to make the state shoulder the full cost of Medicaid, and eliminate the burden on local governments to pay. Andrew Heaney, Faso's opponent in the June 28 Republican primary, called the idea "a multimillion dollar bailout for New York City." Faso said his proposal would not only lessen the tax burden at the local level, it would also force Albany to reform the Medicaid system. The plan was greeted enthusiastically by Greene County Treasurer Peter Markou and Columbia County Treasurer P.J. Keeler. Markou said the plan would mean significant savings for the county's taxpayers. Keeler the elimination of local Medicaid funding would be "the single-most financial benefit anyone could do for Columbia County." Read the full story in the Register-Star.