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Cuomo proposes ethics reforms

Nov 18, 2016 12:02 am
Jon Campbell reports in the Democrat Chronicle that Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Nov. 16 unveiled a list of ethics reforms he would like to see adopted. His proposals include banning companies currently bidding on state contracts from donating to political campaigns, and creates new watchdog jobs to watch over the executive branch and the state's higher-education system. "I believe this public trust and integrity issue must be addressed — directly and forthrightly," Cuomo wrote. Former top Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco and others are currently being investigated for bid-rigging and bribery, and leaders of each legislative branch, from each party, were convicted of corruption charges in the past year. Earlier this week, Cuomo appointees on a commission considering pay raises for legislators did not vote, killing the pay raise, cited a lack of ethics reform legislation as reason for the lack of a raise. Read the full story in the Democrat Chronicle.