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Cuomo to Dems: Don't build that wall

Dec 12, 2018 12:15 am
Spectrum News reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo said Dec. 11 that he believes Democrats in Congress should not agree to spend any money on the president's plan for a southern border wall. President Donald Trump has threatened to shutdown the federal government over the issue. “I have three pieces of advice: Don’t give the president the wall, don’t give the president the wall, and don’t give the president the wall. The president wants a wall as a political symbolic metaphor to vindicate his angry, divisive rhetoric in the campaign,” Cuomo said. “That’s what he means by the wall. That’s why during the campaign, I said he wants to build walls, we want to build bridges. He wants to separate people, he wants to divide people. We want to connect people.” Trump argued with New York State Senator Chuck Schumer, and past and future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the issue at the White House Dec. 11. "He’s saying I want a political monument to division. And their answer must be no,” Cuomo said. Read the full story at Spectrum News.