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Data released on Columbia County DA's office

Sep 17, 2015 12:03 am
Roger Hannigan Gilson is reporting in the Register-Star according to data released by the state of New York, the Columbia County District Attorney's Office was one of two offices statewide not to plead down charges stemming from indictments. The data showed that during the first quarter of 2015, district attorney Paul Czajka (CHI-kah) convinced a grand jury to hand up 21 indictments, which resulted in 19 guilty pleas. None of the defendants went to trial or received plea agreements. All 19 pleaded guilty to the original charges, according to the information released by the New York State Division of Justice Services. Czajka said he has made it his mission not to plead down indictments. “...I don’t plea bargain...,” Czajka said. “The defendants plead guilty to every count in every indictment,” he said. Statewide, approximately 38 percent of all indictments led to plea bargains during the first three months of this year. In 10 of 52 counties outside of the New York metropolitan area, more than half of all felony charges were pleaded down, according to justice services data. Read the full story in the Register-Star.