Evidence - AIRtime performance

Sep 19, 2007: 8pm- 10pm
free103point9 Online Radio

Brooklyn (2003 - 2004) | Acra (2005 - 2015), NY
free103point9.org + transmissionarts.org/listen

Evidence during an AIRtime residency

Evidence during an AIRtime residency. Scott Smallwood tunes a radio during Evidence's AIRtime performance/recording event at free103point9 Wave Farm (Sep 19, 2007)

Evidence is a creative partnership between composer/sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. "Spheres of Influence (working title)" is a performance/installation of both live-performed and pre-recorded sounds being broadcast through a number of radio transmitters all tuned to identical (or nearly-identical) frequencies. The audience is equipped with radio receivers, and then encouraged to explore the points of “indecision” that exist between the various transmitters. In this way, each audience member participates in the composition/editing of the final piece by performing the interplay between our broadcasted material and the indeterminate artifacts of the transmission/reception process inherent in the installation. On September 19th, Evidence's project will be streamed on the web via free103point9 Online Radio.