Go GOES Radiotelescope

Heidi Neilson

Installed at Tufts University Art Galleries in the Remis Sculpture Court as part of Wave Farm (in residence) 2018-2019, Heidi Neilson's "Go GOES Radiotelescope" is comprised of a video, drawing, and the Go GOES Radiotelescope—a portable station for receiving images and weather information from NOAA geostationary spacecraft. Go GOES Radiotelescope will be installed outdoors at Tufts, Medford, in late September 2018 and again in April 2019. By sitting in the chair and looking through the viewport of the radiotelescope, the viewer is aligned with the GOES geostationary satellite located 22,236 miles away, making the impossibly distant world of outer space suddenly palpable.

This project was created with support from SPACES (Cleveland, OH); read more about Go GOES Radiotelescope here: heidineilson.com/go-goes-radiotelescope.