Interactive Audio Response Kit (AD018)

Matt Mikas
Interactive Audio Response Kit is a twin vinyl composition based on acknowledged consent to appropriate and reinterpretate its parts or the whole. Themes of contemporary political paranoia and cut-up techniques inform a lyrical content that may be isolated or added to drum beats and analogue synth tones. An environment that nods to literary influences in science fiction and para-political genres can be filtered through the hip-hop dialogue of a breakbeat or battle record by anyone with the Interactive Audio Response Kit.

Artist's Statement: "A Functional Collaborative Composition conceived as An Analogous Representation of Theme And Repetition Based on Acknowledged Consent to Experimentation and Re-Appropriation. presented as Two Vinyl Records with Attendant Supplement regarding Conceptual Approaches for the Interpretation of Narrative and Practical Application of Source Materials." --Matt Mikas, June 10, 2003