Redefining Democracy in America Part 4: Voices of America

Jacki Apple, Keith Antar Mason
A six-part series confronting the deep schisms and contradictions in an America in crisis.

With KPFK-FM, Los Angeles. Posed the questions "What would you say to your fellow citizens if you were running for president? What should we aspire to and how should we get there?" In the fourth and fifth parts of this series, Americans across the political and cultural spectrum speak out on education, the environment, racism, greed, government, the power elite, spiritual values, and more, as they struggle to articulate a vision for our future. Their voices, compiled from two months of on-air listener call-ins at KPFK (before and after the L.A. "uprisings") with additional contributions from KPFT, Houston, orchestrated into a multilayered montage of hopes, dreams, frustrations, angers, and fears, spanning the distance from utopian ideals to cynical pessimism.