A Garden in the Air: Datscha Radio

2020, 50:52 min.
Gabi Schaffner

A Garden in the Air: Datscha Radio is a radio sound collage was created by German radio artist Gabi Schaffner. Since 2012, Datscha Radio has been a nomadic and temporary radio station that Gabi Schaffner co-organizes with local participants wherever she may be. In Gabi Schaffner’s words, “Datscha Radio relies on the garden as a matrix and metaphor for organic growth, communication, and community...[T]he radio station travels to nearby and distant gardens, broadcast at exceptional or unusual times, and combines radio art with contemporary discourses on ecology, interstellar matter, listening and knowledge cultures.” A Garden in the Air: Datscha Radio is a radio sound collage of broadcasts from Datscha Radio Berlin, which Gabi Schaffner realized collaboratively with the radio makers and artists Kate Donovan, Niki Matita and Helen Thein. This piece was produced in 2020 for Kunstradio in Vienna. - Described by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.

Credits: Excepts from: Jingles, Proben and Mixes: 2012, 2014 Michaela Schimun, Ulrike Stoehring, „Datscha Owl“ by Sarah Washington 2012; Nightgardening III: Gabi Schaffner, Niki Matita; Datscha Radio Taiwan, 2019: Catherine Lee, Yi-Chun Liu, Mabel Wang and Ming-Chun Cheng; Datscha Radio Madrid, 2018: KTA Martin, Romi Casile, Alberto Garcia. Eva Kurly. Radio art pieces (in order of appearance): Babosa, Niki Matita 2019; Seeds, Kate Donovan (with Scout, Molly und Hunter from her garden) 2019; Greenhouse Emissions: Kate Donovan and Ryan McFadyen 2017, Gymnospermium Pills, Gabi Schaffner, 2019, Voice: Kate Donovan Surprise Insert: Riesenkolibri. Frieder Butzmann at Datscha Radio 2017 Choir: The Nightingale by Thomas Wheeler, sung by the Berliner Chor Singlust e.V. under the direction and by courtesy of Andrea Eckhard. Datscha Radio Nightgardening I, “The night of the Nightingales“ 2019 Supporting musicians: Hannes Wienert, Mimosa Pale, FX Schroeder Composition and additional field recordings: Gabi Schaffner 2020.