A Theory of Meaning

Matthew Ostrowski created "A Theory of Meaning" during his AIRtime residency at free103point9 Wave Farm in October, 2006.
Ostrowski Writes, "How is it that we see something when we hear something? How does language actually _work_? This is a miracle I can barely understand when an actual person is speaking to me: I hear a series of noises which activate my imagination, see things that aren't there, empathize with people that I cant see (or don't even exist). On the radio it's even more perplexing. There is no visible speaker, utterances emerge from a machine in one's living room, but yet we follow a story, imagine a person who utters these mysterious noises we call language, and understand their ideas. With no human contact, language, a force larger than we are, works.
"A Theory of Meaning" is a radio play for speakers who don't exist."