Matthew Ostrowski: A Theory of Meaning

Jan 12, 2007: 2pm- 3pm
free103point9 Online Radio

Brooklyn (2003 - 2004) | Acra (2005 - 2015), NY +

Friday afternoon broadcast of a piece made from Matthew Ostrowski's AIRtime residency at free103point9 Wave Farm in Oct., 2006. His description:

A Theory of Meaning
How is it that we see something when we hear something? How does language actually _work_? This is a miracle I can barely understand when an actual person is speaking to me: I hear a series of noises which activate my imagination, see things that aren't there, empathize with people that I can't see (or don't even exist). On the radio it's even more perplexing. There is no visible speaker, utterances emerge from a machine in one's living room, but yet we follow a story, imagine a person who utters these mysterious noises we call language, and understand their ideas. With no human contact, language, a force larger than we are, works.

"A Theory of Meaning" is a radio play for speakers who don't exist.