Penser Avec Les Mains

2003, 12:48 min.
Tetsuo Kogawa
Tetsuo Kogawa is famous for teaching people all over the world to build their own microtransmitters. His radio art pieces have involved performing live with these microtransmitters. Penser Avec Les Mains, (Thinking with the Hands) was adapted from a live performance Tetsuo did in 2003. Tetsuo Kogawa has been interested in the hand in the context of radio art. In this piece, he used his hands to build the transmitter and then to move the radio waves, inspired by a quote: “The true condition of humans, it is to think with their hands.” (La vraie condition de l'homme, c'est de penser avec ses mains, from Denis de Rougemont's Penser avec les mains, 1936.) - Described by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.