Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1

Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1 Site Drawing

Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1 Site Drawing. Sam Baraitser Smith (Oct 09, 2019)

Grant Smith and Sam Baraitser Smith Image

Grant Smith and Sam Baraitser Smith Image. Installation by Grant Smith. Drawing by Sam Baraitser Smith. (Mar 31, 2019)

Listen Live: (allow a few seconds for audio to start)

Or, listen to this sample recording:

TSAC 1 is a listening point linked to an online network of open microphones. A stream box on the edge of woodland at Wave Farm sends a live feed to a server at Locus Sonus in Aix-Marseille, from where it is publicly accessible on a real-time soundmap.

By placing such sites in the public domain, TSAC makes local sounds available to listeners for whatever purposes. This can be a way to pay attention to under-recognized places, to study their changing soundscapes through days, seasons and long durations, and to tune between local and planetary scales.

The listening point uses omnidirectional microphones which are open to the full range of sounds reaching the streambox. This could include stridulations of insects, wind in different kinds of foliage, birds, planes, passers-by, flows of traffic on Route 23.

As well as being free to listen to online at any time, the site at Wave Farm is open to the public for International Dawn Chorus Day on the first weekend of May each year, and at other times by arrangement.

The Acoustic Commons is imagined as a set of places and practices that contribute to an emerging sense of environmental sounds as shared natural and cultural resources. The intersection of environmental and transmission ecologies at Wave Farm provides a home and a starting point for these exchanges. The live feed can also be a resource for other projects and improvisations.

TSAC 1 is open to the public each International Dawn Chorus day and by appointment. See Wave Farm contact and locations for details.

Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1 is a project of Soundcamp. Read more at soundtent.org. To join the Acoustic Commons project, and for information on adding a test site to the network, please contact grant@soundtent.org.

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