Requiem for Bagdad

2003, 12:48 min.
Tetsuo Kogawa
Tetsuo Kogawa is famous for teaching people all over the world to build their own microtransmitters. His radio art pieces have involved performing live with these microtransmitters. Requiem for Bagdad was created two weeks after the US invaded Iraq in 2003. Tetsuo Kogawa has been interested in the hand in the context of radio art. Tetsuo Kogawa writes, “I was thinking of a requiem for Bagdad since the modern war tries to erase all of horizons, physical or conceptual. In fact, the US Air Force used 'E-bomb' to knock the Iraqi TV off the air with an 'experimental electromagnetic pulse device of over two billion watts.' This was the totally opposite use of airwaves against emancipating and finding innumerable horizons of airwaves." - Described by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.