Joe Milutis

The Torrent (cover image)

The Torrent (cover image). Joe Milutis

Joe Milutis is a media artist and writer whose interdisciplinary work includes experimental sound and radio; video works; new media; experimental narrative and poetics; theoretical writings; and various media and literature hybrids. He is the author of Failure, A Writer's Life (Zer0 Books: 2013) and Ether: The Nothing That Connects Everything (University of Minnesota Press: 2006). Since the early 90s, after having produced a number of radio art broadcasts, his work has focused not only on sound art, but also on those new genres and media that have uncertain status and value. Most recently, he has been exploring experimental translation, and its possible cross-overs with transmission and sound art practices. A number of chapbooks, videos and performances have emerged from this project, including Monkey pOm! (a translation of Hanuman Chalisa), Mao Vincit Omnia (a translation of Mao's Little Red Book), The Numbers (a translation of a German translation of Robert Creeley's number poems), and Twenty Beloved French Poems, Treated Poorly (a translation of 19th-century French poetry). Milutis is currently working on a translation of Michael Maier's 17th-century alchemical emblem book Atalanta Fugiens.