Tyson Hauf

Hauf writes, "tyson is an earthling who currently resides in upstate new york near the foothills of the catskill mountains. while in human pre birth gestation, tyson attended the woodstock music and art fair in 1969...absorbing the collective human effort to thwart the nightmarish bureaucratic tyranny and war machine first world civilized society had become...experiencing this all through eight layers of epidermis and a perfect solution of amniotic fluid. everything sounds different underwater. Tyson works with primarily discarded objects, transforming already used utilitarian objects into end times totems or renderings of end times characters. transformation is a key theme in tysons work-transformation of used refuse into living, breathing works, transformation of the discarded into cherished, transformation of sadness into joy,transformation of sickness into health. Deterioration, disparity, alienation, rust, industry, roots, birds, shaman, altered states of consciousness & post rapture spiritual economy are also some key themes to the various works in various mediums tyson works in. tyson spends his wage working hours in heavy industry, absorbing the machinations, absorbing the grinding and throbbing sounds, absorbing the frictive smells of metal on metal..thus planting subconscious seeds in order to harvest creativity. tyson has shown works or been involved in performances in several states all along the east coast from vermont down to florida. tysons piece for Groundswell 2015 will call into question nature harvested living quarters, cryptozoology as well as a page torn from a living childrens storybook...encouraging the viewer to finish an already begun surreal narrative. the idea of possibilty. the idea of total immersion. the idea of transformation. tyson as a earthling is cruising through middle age and raising five children."