Tony Martin

A founder of art works using light, Tony Martin has, since the 1960's, created seminal new media works. As early as 1968, Howard Wise called his work "cybernetic" for the way he applied information processes. In his works "Well" and "Interaction Room," the electronic systems were the interface between the viewer and the event and process of the sculpture or installed environment. He created the electronic and optical configurations for these in his own studio, and when necessary, commissioned help from the new generation of engineers and scientists forging new ways and methods.

A painter from the outset, Martin has also devoted himself to using pure processes of light and simultaneous projected imagery in motion. The legendary visual compositions produced at the San Francisco Tape Music Center and Bill Graham's Fillmore West, stand as early testament to his love of "painting in time," and to his involvement with music from an early age. Exhibitions of his paintings at the Batman and Boreas Galleries coincided with the multi-media work. While many artists have focused on narrative video Martin has been steadfast in pursuing a life-time goal of providing an active role for the individual viewer within specific light environment situations. Martin has worked intensively with such composers as Pauline Oliveros, Morton Subotnick, and David Tudor.