Anna Ialeggio

Anna Ialeggio Portrait Image

Anna Ialeggio Portrait Image. Photographed by Robyn Hasty. (May 01, 2015)

Whatever Signifies the Firmament Image

Whatever Signifies the Firmament Image. Courtesy Anna Ialeggio. (May 09, 2015)

Anna Ialeggio uses soundtrack, media and sculpture to explore narrative structure via radio dramas, performative events, text, and sculptural set design. The transmission of ideas, filtered through a collective response, is an echoing constant in her research and content, manifesting in a current investigation of simulation, simulacrum, idolatry, conflict, entertainment, and special effects. Re-occurring characters and epithets circle around from behind and struggle to articulate who, or what, they might be. Our gods wear out fast; a cardboard facade does the trick.

Most recently, Anna organized & curated an evening of curated performances and experimental soundtracks in a functioning laser tag facility. The event, Laser Tag Sound Track, was broadcast live as a radio narrative which sought to explore the connection between entertainment and warfare by way of musical accompaniment. She's been published by INCITE Journal of Experimental Media and Nowhere Magazine, and is a producer-member of KCHUNG, an independent radio station in Los Angeles. From 2007-2011, Ialeggio was part of a group called The Miss Rockaway Armada, a decentralized collective of performers, builders and artists. Both of KCHUNG & Rockaway are loose, rapidly evolving communities with many ideas and personalities that coalesce for large-scale projects, including but not limited to work commissioned by the Hammer Museum, Van Abbe Museum, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Massachusetts MOCA, and Philadelphia Mural Arts.