Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never is the solo project of Brooklyn-based electronic musician Daniel Lopatin. He attended Hampshire College where he studied aesthetic philosophy and electronic music, later releasing his senior thesis recording on Naivsuper under the alias Dania Shapes. Utilizing freeware audio editing programs in conjunction with synthesizers, the Dania Shapes sound was a neo-romantic derivation of glitch music that opted for an ornate, hands-on melodic approach rather than systematized processes of degradation.

At the same time, Lopatin began recording as Oneohtrix Point Never, abandoning the glitchwork of DS for a more open-ended approach to recording and live performance. Using a variety of synthesizers, sequencers and loopers, Lopatin employs a technique he refers to as grid layerage which abstracts the organizing elements of automated synthesizer arpeggiation via blurring, decay and melancholic repetition. Lopatin's longstanding interest with the old masters of the synthesizer and their ensuing diaspora is met equally by his fascination with the amateurism and ubiquity of stock synthesizer music, and often works with motifs commonly associated with minimalism, contemporary noise, Berlin School, 80s new age, b-films, darkwave, ambient, fusion, and techno. Rather than focusing purely on sentiment or style alone, the radical promise of OPN is found in its ability to generate a music in which these disparate worlds sympathetically resonate towards the personal, inneffable and innate.

Lopatin is also member of Infinity Window with Taylor Richardson of Prehistoric Blackout and Purple Haze. He is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.