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Radio Stew: TransX Transmission Art Symposium

Mar 28, 2017: 12:05 am - 1am
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NAISA presented the TransX Transmission Art Symposium this past February. In this part, the first hour and a half, we listen to works performed on February 17 - Volmet North by Ben Ramsey (UK), Exposure/Communication by Olivia Bradley-Skill (USA), Sounding Water by Karen Power (Ireland), The Holy Sea by Mike Vernusky Salas (USA), and Transmissions by Amanda Dawn Christie (Canada). The final three hours feature three one-hour lectures on sound and transmission art practice - "Radio as a composition tool" by Karen Power (Ireland), " Digging Wider — Expanding Research Methods through Multidisciplinary Art Practice" by Amanda Dawn Christie (Canada) and "Nothing to See Here: Experimental Radio from NSCAD" by David Clark (Canada). The show is hosted by Darren Copeland with technical support from Ryan Clark. For copies of the lecture abstracts go to http://naisa.ca/symposia/trans-x/abstracts/ Radio art, radio theatre, experiments, live show, anything goes on this nightly/early morning hour of radio. These shows are often live, and sometimes are hosted by the artists-in-residence at Wave Farm.