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Radio Theatre: Radio Theatre: Section G

Feb 05, 2015: 3pm - 3:30 pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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Curated by many contributors.

Section G: The Search for Tommy Paine. "Radio Theater Project" is an anthology series of dramas and comedies for radio, produced at KSVR Studios at the radio station KSVR-FM in Mount Vernon, Washington. The actors are from the Skagit Radio Repertory Company. The producer is Joseph C McGuire. This week: "Section G-The Search for Tommy Paine." Written by Mack Reynolds; Adapted for radio by Joseph McGuire. This FuturePast story presents a future where there a lots of colonized planets. Many settled by various crackpot and oddball groups from Earth. Section G is the glue attempting to keep them from going crazy. But there is a secret only known to the agents of Section G. A story for everyone. From Pacifica Radio.