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Trance-Formational Listening: West Africa

Oct 14, 2021: 11am - 11:59 am
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Hosted by Dennis Darrah.

Music from around the world is featured. Bringing the audience into the realm of other cultures through music, hopefully expanding empathy for the “other,” and recognizing that “other” in ourselves. From WGDR, Goddard College Plainfield, VT. wgdr.org/. This week: We showcase a sampling of the traditional and ritual music found in various parts of West Africa. Music that pre-dates the division of Africa into nation states by the European Colonial powers.
Label: Nonesuch Album: "West Africa (Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music)" 1) Hausa Street Music (Niger)
2) Bounkam Solo (Upper Volta)
3) Kountougi Solo (Niger)
4) Tuareg Medicinal Chant (Mali) (fade)
5) Kouco Solo (Mali)
Album: "Ghana (Ancient Ceremonies)"
6) Gonje Songs (Achimota)
7) Chohun and Gyamadudu (Nima)
Album: Rhythms of the Grasslands
8) Gourmantche praise music
9) Lengra
Album: "Savannah Rhythms
10) Lemendi gyeba
11) Djongo
12) Fulani Ensemble
13) Wenlega (a Mossi Dance)
14) Hfaf finien kien lo lay-nu (Marriage music)