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The Michael Slate Show: Claudia Koonz, George Prochnik

Feb 12, 2020: 7pm - 8pm
Claudia Koonz, Professor at Duke University and a historian of Nazi Germany, is the author of Mothers in the Fatherland, The Nazi Conscience, and other works. Koonz talks with us in the US and the threat of the consolidation of a fascist government here. George Prochnik: When It's Too Late to Stop Fascism, According to Stefan Zweig In the 1930s, Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was the most-translated author in the world. He fled Austria just ahead of the Nazi takeover, and lived life as a refugee in New York. In 1941, he spent the final months of his life furiously writing a memoir " a warning to the future. We talk with George Prochnik, author of The Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the End of the World about the assault on the truth, the widespread idea that Hitler could never get into power " or would simply fail in disgrace if he did. And we'll talk about the obvious lessons for today.