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Everything Is Real Radio: Pandemic Updates #2

Jul 17, 2020: 8pm - 10pm
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Hosted by Sam Sebren.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise nationwide, the U.S., as of July 2020, is the country recording the most cases worldwide and without a clear plan. In this broadcast, "Everything Is Real Radio" host Sam Sebren, presents a recent piece by journalist, writer, and professor Barrett Swanson about his experience as a fake victim in a disaster simulation practice exercise for First Responders in late February 2020, at a training facility known as Disaster City in Texas. In the story, published in the July 2020 issue of Harper’s, “This Is Not A Test: Why America Fails To Prevent Disasters,” Swanson draws many conclusions that closely relate to what the country is experiencing today around the coronavirus pandemic. Plus a variety of music and sounds during this special edition of "Everything Is Real Radio."

"Everything is Real Radio" presents sounds across the sonic spectrum, blurring genres and focusing on under- and unrecognized artists working in experimental territories. The show will include interviews with guest composers and feature live performances and collaborations.